Monday, March 2, 2015

Today's Update - 2 Mar 2015

Found a neat blog at and her recipe for Cilantro Garlic Broth isn't the only thing I'm going to be trying.  In January she also posted a recipe for Preserved Lemon Puree.  Now I've preserved whole lemons before but never pureed the lemons.  Oh boy, I need to hit the farmer's market and get me a bag of lemons toot sweet.

Speaking of experimenting with new recipes, I found a way to serve very thick chili or thick bean soup or porridge.  I'm sure everyone has heard of a bread bowl or old fashioned bread trencher.  My problem is though I love bread I've been trying to cut back on eating so much of it.  There were a few nights during January and February where my nervous munching got out of hand and I wound up eating more bread than dinner.  Giving up sodas has had me craving bread as well.  To soothe the savage beast that is my appetite on monster munchies I took a thick flour tortilla and baked it over a concave oven-proof container.  Fancy words for the fact that I turned a tortilla into a bowl.  LOL  I filled the bowl with thick, garlicky black bean soup and oh ... my ... goodness.  It was so good.  I was so enthused with eating I didn't think to take a picture.  I've made a mental note to stop and do it next time.  Oh ... and clean up was a breeze.  LOL.

We didn't get to start sealing the driveway today, it was still too damp.  Plus we had a structure fire at one of our rental units.  Someone forgot to turn off the stove and also forgot to take the hot pad off the stove they'd used to move a skillet.  The two "forgots" did not mix well at all.  Just plain craziness.  The kitchen is gutted - cabinets to appliances - and the fire department made it worse by bringing down the ceiling in there to make sure flames hadn't escaped into the attic.  That's a repair that is going to cost about twenty-grand.  Geez.  Blessed to have good property insurance that's for sure.  Still have the deductible to deal with but that's life and a cost of doing business.  We'll do what we can to help the tenants relocate but it likely won't be with us.  Once burned, twice shy if you'll pardon the bad pun.

For the story Georgie I have it up to Chapter 21 at the time of publication.  I wanted to get it finished tonight but the fire has thrown my whole day off.  Will finish the story tomorrow baring meeting with insurance people and city inspectors.


And below are the vids that I told you about.  My house still smells of garlic but just barely.  A little homemade Febreeze goes a long way.  After I got the garlic and onions sliced I moved my dehydrator to the lanai and dried them out there.  I set up a secondary fan to try and push off the humidity that tried to make the drying time longer.  Second batch is now going and this one I want to dry to the brittle stage so that I can grind it fine and make onion and garlic powders and flavored salts.

Tomorrow I'm going to see if I can find you some vids on what I do when I have an abundance of garlic and onions.  Oh the anticipation.  Hold your nose.  LOL.  Enjoy!


  1. With a fire and all else and you still managed to still get so much accomplished. Love lemon yum. I made lemon marmalade last fall and 35 yr old son that was visiting liked so well he had to take a jar of it home with him today when he left.

  2. In case I haven't said it lately - thank you so much for all you do. The great stories, wonderful recipes, great ideas. I really really appreciate it, and pray for you and your family daily.