Sunday, March 1, 2015

Today's Update - 1 Mar 2015

I don't normally post on Sunday but felt given the number of days that I hadn't posted prior to this week, one Sunday update wasn't going to wreck things.

It was hot today.  Not warm ... hot.  Or at 84 degrees F felt that way after the long cool spell we've been having.  In a couple of months 84 will feel downright comfortable.  Today it just felt nasty and muggy, especially after yesterday's day full of rain.  The biting bugs were also out enjoying themselves, mostly at the expense of people that forgot to stock up on repellent ... my neighbor being one of them.  I had the kids run him over some citronella oil for his lantern so at least he'll be able to keep them off the porch and hopefully out of the house until his wife can pick up some tomorrow.

Got plenty of constructive things accomplished, one of which was a "redneck fix" on my husband's office chair.  As long as it holds it will save us a couple of hundred bucks.  It's the chair's shock; the poor, sad thing started giving out.  My hubs would be sitting there working away and suddenly he would drop several inches, stop, and then drop a few more, and wind up feeling like a hobbit trying to work at his desk.  It had started happening so often hubs was ready to send the chair to the dumpster ... after taking a sledgehammer to it.  Did I mention that it had started to aggravate him sorely? 

I looked and wasn't sure if I could buy a replacement shock that would fit the base so I went looking for a DIY and found it in the comments section of an "Instructable." 

Look how easy it was.  Hubby didn't even notice at first until he realized he wasn't constantly have to readjust the seat.  Basically it is just stacked hose clamps that keep the shock from being able to drop.  A new chair similar to the one he has would have cost in excess of two hundred dollars.  Buying a replacement shock would have cost between twenty and fifty dollars.  Five hose clamps to save hubby's aggravation was priceless but cost me less than five dollars.  I'd say that was money and time well spent.  The look on hubby's face was pretty priceless as well.  LOL.

I'm anxious for my loquat tree to have more ripe fruit on it.  As you can see from the very top picture and the one right above this section, my tree is loaded but the majority of them are still green.  I'm running low on loquat preserves and don't want to waste any of the fruit because once it is ripe it needs to be picked or the birds will get to it.  Too many people look at these trees as simple ornamentals but the truth is their fruit is really delicious, and deliciously versatile too.  I use them to make a really nice BBQ sauce and I also use them to cook with chicken and oriental dishes in addition to preserves.

On to the topic of Georgie.  I have it posted up to Chapter 18.  I was doing a quick read through and my gosh I had no idea of all of the mistakes that I missed during the editing process.  I'm really embarrassed.  The first couple of chapters need to be formatted too.  But rather than stop and go back and do it now, I'll clean the story up after I have it finished.  I know that's backwards but I don't want to get sidetracked. 


I'm going to forsake the videos tonight.  Tomorrow however I'll post some on garlic and onions.  Have you guessed what my house smelled like for most of the day?  LOL  At least our sinuses are clear.



  1. Yay! bedtime stories!! Hugs Kathy. Thanks!

  2. If you enjoy the aroma of a big box of well-worn and unwashed socks, then process onions and garlic in the house.

  3. Good for you on the chair fix :) Good luck with all the canning and etc.