Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Today's Update - 11 Mar 2015

Ok, I admit it, I like disaster movies.  This goes all the way back to the cheesy disaster movies of the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s.  You know, looking back I think Charlton Heston must have survived nearly every kind of disaster known to man.  Let's see ... Omega Man, Earthquake, Airport 1975, Grey Lady Down, Skyjacked, Soylent Green, Two Minute Warning ... the list seems to go on and on.  LOL!  Today my cousin sent me a link to a new movie that I'm going to have to put on my list to see.  It isn't a Charlton Heston movie but is along that vein.  San Andreas is the next big earthquake/disaster movie in the que.  Comes out the end of May.  Ok, it might not be that realistic but realism hasn't always been what disaster movies were going for.  LOL!

Spent the day at Busch Gardens today.  As a Florida resident we have a discounted year round pass.  We also have a year round pass because we have a couple of kids that love roller coasters.  I used to ride them but cannot do it any longer because they do hinky things with my blood pressure on occasion.  It is a matter of "better safe than sorry."  The kids are now old enough to ride on their own so I'm happy to just play chaperone.  Besides, I love the plants and animals at the park more and get to look my fill while they are in line.  I also worked there about thirty years ago and it is where I met my husband so the place holds good memories on top of everything else.  I like taking pictures there but had to laugh at all the Go-Pro cameras I saw people wearing on the rides.  If you don't know what a Go-Pro is, look it up.  It is amazing what an amateur can do with a camera these days. My daughter has a similar camera, though not that brand, and next time we go she's going to try and remember to bring it and the harness she has to wear it with.  If the pictures turn out good she might even upload them to Youtube.

Despite the full day I did manage to get some writing finished:

And The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth

A Bunch of Wild Thyme

Zombies Aren't Real ... Are They?!

I need to check the last two to make sure they posted correctly but I'll do that as soon as I get this published.

The vids for today's update are the trailers for the San Andreas movie and then some classic disaster flicks.




  1. I love disaster movies! My kids have always teased me about my end of the world movies and my end of the world supplies, too. lol Give me a volcano sprouting overnight in a major city, earthquakes splitting the continent in half or massive tornado outbreak and I'm good to go. Guess that's why I enjoy your stories so much. ;-)

  2. I also just love disaster movies lol, always have. Doesn't help that I have always dreamed about them since I was a child.

  3. Though I try to avoid stuff like Giant Octopus vs. New York, I'm a sucker for a good disaster movie (or anything with Charlton Heston). Attack of the Killer Tomatoes is always good to bring up if people tease you about your love for the genre. It throws them off to thinking it's a harmless obsession, or you are at least a harmless nut (little do they know).