Thursday, March 19, 2015

Today's Update - 19 March2015

The above picture was taken by me at one of my favorites places.  Maclay Gardens in Tallahassee, FL.  I don't live in Tallahassee, or even anywhere near it but sometimes when we go to our "retirement home" and our schedule allows, we take a day trip and go for a visit.  The gardens are out of this world lovely.  Every month of the year you can go there and find something different in bloom.  I missed the iris which bloomed earlier than usual but I caught the tail end of the camillas which made me happy.  I missed the magnolias and daffodils but the azaleas were simply amazing, as were the spirea and the dogwood.  Honeysuckle vines are late and I couldn't even find the vines for all of the wisteria going this way and that.

Earlier in the day we also went to St. George Island which is right on the coast near Apalachicola.  It was nice and breezy, almost cool, in the morning so there were no crowds and we enjoyed an hour or two of having the beach to ourselves except for a couple of elderly shell hunters.  Then a picnic lunch and then the crowds so that's when we took off for the Gardens.  The few people we did run into before we left gave me strange looks.  Wonder why.  Maybe it was my unique choice of reading material.  LOL

Just a little light reading.  LOL.  Or maybe I should say just a little research.  Either way the book is turning out to be pretty interesting.

I haven't had as much time to write up here as I thought I would which means Geek will probably get finished up this weekend or the start of next week.  It is very close to completion and I have the final chapters framed out.  Then I'll probably take a couple of days off writing to give me a chance to do a reread or two, finalize which story is next for completion and then away we will go once again.  However, while that is happening I am going to continue posting on "Zombies Aren't Real" and "Wild Thyme".

I already have today's addition for Geek up.  I'm using my traveling computer which hasn't been cooperating very well so things are moving slower than I like with blogger.  If you see any really weird stuff - like challenging fonts and font sizes or print colors that don't show up with the background - let me know.  I've tried to catch it as I see it but on my end as the editor I don't always see the bloopers the way other readers do.

And the Geek Shall Inherit the Earth

A Bunch of Wild Thyme

Zombies Aren't Real ... Are They?!

Give me a couple of hours to find and fix the glitches for Thyme and Zombies and I will have today's chapters up.  For today's videos I'm posting some youtubes on edible flowers.  I'm having a hard time pasting the links in so if I can't get the links attached to the vids today I'll go back in and fix that when I can get to a different computer.  Hopefully however most of you will be able to see the vids.




  1. You gave me a good smile with that strange looks coment on your reading material :)

    Hope you're also having some relaxation time. Thank you for the chapters.

  2. Kathy, The chapters of A Bunch of Wild Thyme & Zombies Aren't Real ... Are They?! never showed up. Was there a problem with blogger ??

  3. Kathy are you here?

  4. I see that Kathy was alive and well as of 7pm yesterday

  5. The stories are very good; the flakiness not so much.

  6. She's a full time mom and a full time business owner. How much have you paid to read these stories? She does this for fun. Don't make it un-fun for her.

    Love the updates Kathy! Hope all is well with you and yours!

    1. I would be happy to send her $10.00 or $20.00 via paypal if she would finish all of the stories posted.

  7. Yes me to wondering how life is going for you? We all know things come up we sure haven't planned on.

  8. Sometimes it's soooo hard to wait lol

  9. Kathy,
    Hope you and your family are healthy and doing well. We miss you and hope you will poke your nose in and say "Hi" even if you don't have time to do a full update.