Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Today's Update - 10 Mar 2015

Took the above picture today at a place called Lettuce Lake Park.  It was a beautiful day.  Low 80s.  Low humidity.  Only a few bugs.  Doesn't get much better.  Hubby and I and the three younger kids headed out after lunch and walked the bike trail as well as the board walk and then went to play some soccer in an open field.  Much needed decompression time.

The driveway is now complete, sealed with three coats, and can be driven on.  Hip hip hooray!  No more hauling groceries from the street which is about a thousand steps from the house.  How do I know it is a thousand steps?  Because of my nifty pedometer.  LOL!

I didn't spend the day only observing nature.  Nope.  I did get another piece of the story written.  I hope to have at least one new addition to another story completed tomorrow as well but my primary focus will be to continue adding to "Geek" to stay on track and get it completed.

And The Geek Shall Inherit The Earth

Pretty tired but for once it is tired in a good way so I will leave you sitting by the river and reading story.  Enjoy!


  1. Kathy thank you for the lovely pictures. I've stolen two to use as a wallpaper for my pc. :) Thank you also for all the updates! Geek was never one of my favorites, but I am going back right now to start over from the beginning.

    The leader of the kids in town (I forget his name, sorry) reminds me so strongly of someone from my past that I kept referring to him as 'Larry'. Left my poor husband really confused when I tried to explain the story lol

    All settled in with a salami sandwich and my coke....time for Kathy stories!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the pics. Took them with my phone believe it or not. LOL. And thank you for being gracious about "Geek" and giving it a chance. I've got so many started - some that I haven't even posted on line - and I just really feel driven to get as many of them finished this year as possible. I've finished two and would like to try and get another 5 to 10 finished before the year is out. I don't want to jinx myself but am just at a point in life that I hate all of these stories hanging out there unfinished.

  2. Pics are beautiful. It was a great spring day here yesterday - hard to feel anything but positive on a day like that! I've had a hard time getting into 'Geek" as well, but I read many things to glean what I need - and all of your stories have taught me something... usually lots of somethings!

    So glad you took a day 'off' and enjoyed yourself.


    1. We needed it. Used to be I could pick out what parts of the year would be the most stressful. Lately it seems that it is stressful all year long. Not always for the same reason but the stress level is definitely swinging up.