Sunday, March 8, 2015

Quickie Update - 8 Mar 2015

Just a quick note. New updates will start tomorrow. I have tried to figure out which story I will work on next. It hasn't been easy. I started three different ones and kept having to undo them as they just weren't coming out right. I have now settled on finishing When Geeks Ruled the World  next. I am fairly certain I have the final outline written. The chapters of this story are longer so it may take me more than a day to write a chapter but I have pieces of other things to put up if that occurs to fill in. This is one of the older stories that have needed to be completed. I will try and alternate "old" and "new" as I complete them. It is still my goal to finish one or two stories per month this year. There may be a skip in that pattern over the summer as we try and take a vacation as a family but my schedule will definitely be dependent on my real life affording me the opportunity to stick with my plans.

See you tomorrow. "Same bat time, same bat channel."  LOL


  1. Sounds good :). Good luck.
    My older brother used to try to beat me to the TV after school so he could watch Batman as I liked The Rifleman lol.

  2. Sounds like a plan + thanks for all the good stories.

    S. L.

    1. Kathy,

      Think you mean: And The Geek Shall Inherit The Earth . . . not . . When Geeks Ruled The World

  3. Thanks for all of your time and effort Kathy.

  4. Thank you for everything you've done, Kathy. Your stories are definitely a bright spot and addictive. :D


  5. As always if you write it I will be reading ..... I'm with Gwynmael , a bright addictive moment each day.