Thursday, August 28, 2014

Today's Update - 28 Aug 2014

My Acerola (aka "Barbados Cherry") has some ripe fruit on it so I thought I would share.  This update will be a little on the short side but I'm running around like crazy.  Hopefully I'll have time for a longer one later.

The fruits aren't as sour as you would think something this high in Vitamin C would be.  They are actually pretty sweet and yummy ... very tropical in flavor.

The seeds aren't too bad but I'm not sure whether you can cultivate from them or not.  That's for a future research project.

I started updating late last night but gave out.  Here is what I have finished today.

And the Geek Shall Inherit the Earth

Zombies Aren't Real ... Are They?! 

Up On Hartford Ridge

Larkspur in Eden

There Is No Such Thing As A Thornless Garden

When All Doors Close

Mother Hen's Recipes

A Bunch of Wild Thyme

Enduring on the Lake

Today's videos are on using powdered milk.  First couple are on making cheese from powdered milk, then there is one in there on making yogurt and cream cheese from powdered milk, one on making "feta" cheese from powdered milk and one for making "parmesan" cheese from powdered milk  All are interesting and potentially very useful for those that use and/or store powdered milk.  There are of course other cheeses - like ricotta, cottage, and mozzarella - that can be made from powdered milk but I'll leave that bit of research for another time.


  1. That is great! Plenty for me! I won't tell you about how I fell asleep halfway through your last update..... whew! I'm working hard! lol! thanks so much!

    1. Tee heeeee ... I won't listen if you want to snore. LOL

  2. This is so nice, I really needed a story today. As I sit here, my daughter is going up para-sailing 1,000 ft. She drives me crazy that way. Adrenaline junky = worried mom. 30 minutes, Im going to read and by the time Im done I should have a text shes back on the ground ugh.

    1. You have my sympathies. Ugh. Stomach heaves just thinking about it. My ten year old hasn't met a roller coaster he hasn't liked. He loves zip lining up high. And loves bungi cords for jumping around really high in the sky. I'll probably be bald before I see his 18th birthday assuming I live that long.

    2. Iv made it to her turning 17. You will make it, but I am grey, fortunately not bald lol. She landed, shes fine .. ugh makes me nutts! She loves the zip lining too. I don't know where she gets this stuff >.<...On the upside the stories really helped me not stare at the clock with a sick stomach . Thanks for that lol

  3. Where do we beg for moAr around here? Pretty please with a cherry on top?