Saturday, August 9, 2014

Today's Update - 9 Aug 2014

Well I'm not sure how much updating I am going to get completed tonight.  As I suspected the day has been full and chaotic. 

Zombies Aren't Real ... Are They?!

Definitely will have some of the above story put up.  As a matter of fact I somehow goofed and parts 33 and 34 are reversed.  You read them in numerical order, they just posted in reverse.  Weird.  And I can't change it.

I will try and get to the other stories but no promises.  I'm one whooped hen and my tail feathers are dragging.  My daughter did me a kindness and volunteered to fix dinner and she fixed Italian Wedding Soup from scratch.  Pretty doggone good for a first try.  She said next time she'd add more chicken stock but I like the way it came out thick and hearty.  She also made some outstanding and fluffy garlic cheese drop biscuits to go with the soup.  Not too shabby for a barely 18 year old.  Does a momma's heart proud.

The videos I am posting today are not of me but are a good example of one of my projects I did today.  I've been very lucky the last couple of weeks to get some good BOGOs (buy one, get one) sales on crackers ... saltines to snack crackers.  I purchased so many in fact that there is no way that we'll eat them before some will start to go stale ... so I pulled out some clean jars and went to town dry canning them by type.  First time I did this years ago my husband thought I'd lost my mind but now it is such a commonly accepted practice that family members ask if I have any "jars of crackers" since the box in the pantry is empty.  LOL.  They've done it when we have visitors over which has started some interesting conversations for sure.

Dry canning crackers:


  1. Thanks so much for the videos on canning crackers. I'll definitely give that a try. I just read Thornless Garden this evening and have a new favorite story. Looking forward to more chapters!

  2. How come on some of your blogs, I cannot find a "join this blog" (or similar) button???? I don't mind coming is actually quicker but was just curious. Did you purposely not add them??

  3. May try the dry canning also, looks interesting.

  4. Iv done the canning of the crackers, and its great! Everything stays fresh, but they don't last long here because we really really love crackers lol. We also canned those veggie chips that are so yummy. Thanks for all the updates!!