Thursday, August 7, 2014

Today's Update - 7 Aug 2014

More than the usual number of additions today plus an interesting BBC series of four episodes on the history of the home.  And just FYI, I will be doing quite a bit of yard work tomorrow if the weather cooperates so any updates will come later in the day.

I found quite a bit of "housekeeping" that needs to be done on some of the blogs but for now I am going to try and concentrate on getting the story additions up.  As I can I will clean pages up and making them look somewhat consistent as far as the links back to the other stories as well as to other people's fiction blogs and sites.

And speaking of, if anyone wants their story blog/site/forum to be included in my links of "additional reading opportunities" just contact me through the comments section here and we'll see how we can make it happen sooner rather than later. 

Anywho, today's updates are for the following stories:

Life is a Fractured Fairy Tale

Eidetic Sunshine 

Up On Hartford Ridge


Zombies Aren't Real ... Are They?!

Larkspur in Eden

There Is No Such Thing As A Thornless Garden

Enduring on the Lake

Today's films are some that I found while looking for some history lessons for my family.  The series is called the "History of the Home."  There are four episodes and I've included all of them below.


  1. your Larkspur in Eden link is not working :(

    1. Fixed it. I left out the "k" in larkspur.

      Just FYI, if there are any other broken links like that, I know all of the links on the right side of this page work so any of them should take you where you want to go. (grin)

    2. I just figured that out and added the 'k" and it went right there. lol! thanks so much! all great updates!!!