Friday, August 29, 2014

Today's Update - 29 Aug 2014

Sigh.  No pictures today.  Just as soon as I started to take some the bottom dropped out and we've had nothing but stormy weather since.  I planted a papaya plant today.  I like papaya but it doesn't always like me if I eat it in abundance ... too much sweet equals too much acid for Mother Hen.  Ugh.  But oh so good.  Mmmmmm.

For those of you that can't grow papaya in your yard I've included some canning and preserving instructions from youtube.  You can treat papaya (as well as other tropical fruits) the way I treat deciduous fruit ... if you can't grow them fresh then find them on sale and preserve them for your personal future use.  I'll be getting bushels of apples in the not too distant future I hope and I plan on canning and drying like a crazy woman.  My mom just got about four bags of canning pears and said she'll preserve them for me as she loves doing that kind of thing but can't serve it too much because of my father's diabetes.  One year for my birthday she gave me a case of home canned pears.  I loved it. 

I try and find the work-arounds now that I might not have access to in the future.  Eating like a locavore is a great learning and teaching tool ... but one of the reason swhy trade started up in the world in the first place is because people by and large like a much wider range of food and seasoning options than what they can find within a day's walk of their of their home.

I got some of the stories updated and if there is time I will update more tonight.  Depends on whether the power starts cutting in and out like it seems to want to right now.

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Here are the videos as promised ...


  1. Papaya tends to give me gas, tastes good but I also don't dare eat very much of it.

  2. Mother hen, ,Mother hen, your chicks need some food . yes they doooo, yes they do , yes they dooooo hooo hooo!!