Friday, August 8, 2014

Today's Update - 8 Aug 2014

I didn't get a lick of my outdoor work done.  Not because of rain although we've gotten a bit this evening.  Just it is Friday and this has just been one of those Chinese fire drill days.  Tomorrow doesn't look to be much better.  Ugh.  Oh well, such is life.  I did manage to get things accomplished, they just weren't things that I had expected I would need to accomplish.  But when you run your own business you need to be flexible.  I'd rather have a hectic business than no business.

I did manage to get some updates accomplished as well.  Most of the usual suspects of course.  Hope to get a few more done tomorrow.  We'll see.

Eidetic Sunshine 

Up On Hartford Ridge


Zombies Aren't Real ... Are They?!

Larkspur in Eden

There Is No Such Thing As A Thornless Garden

Enduring on the Lake

I also got an addition to Mother Hen's Recipes accomplished and hope to get a few more before the night ends. 

And with recipes in mind, today's videos feature dry canning ground beef.  You can now purchase nuke-able stuff like this in some grocery stores.  It comes in plastic packages that you just pop in the microwave and heat for 60 seconds.  I've tried it out ... pricey but convenient.  Texture could use some improvement but it isn't bad enough to prevent me from using it whether it is an emergency or not.  Still prefer my own homecanned version but for those that only need this for an extremely occasional use, the stuff in the store isn't bad.  Certainly good for storm/emergency/camping bags.  The brand I used was Libby's and I tried to find it on and couldn't locate it.  Maybe someone else can some other way.

I've canned and dried ground beef a lot of different ways but the following examples that I pulled from youtube seem to be result in the best long term texture. 


  1. Thank you!! I was watching the updates pop up and then came here and wondered why not all of them popped up on my feed and then I realized "DUH" I've not "joined" all of them yet.... got too caught up in the actual STORIES!!!!! hahahaha !!! stupid me.

    thanks so much for the updates!!! :) I appreciate ya!

  2. Not a problem. And thanks for letting me know when there is a problem with a link or the font size/color is screwy. I'm still learning my way around the "new improved" blogger posting features and sometimes it seems to have a mind of its own ... especially when I am cutting and pasting. Yowzer that blue font thing was was weird. LOL