Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Today's Update - 20 Aug 2014

My acerola cherry is going bonkers.  If you look at the picture, to the middle left, you see what looks like a green, marble-sized fruit half hidden by one of the leaves.  That is what they look like before they ripen to a deep, deep red.  Boy are they good and are very high in Vitamin C.  So high in vitamin C in fact that it is used to prevent scurvy and heart disease and it will interact with medications that are Vitamin C sensitive.  Even with its minor interactions the benefits far outweigh any issues for most people.  If you are on meds however just check with your doctor or pharmacist as they'll be able to give you specifics about your personal scripts.  The flowers are teeny tiny but they are really pretty.  Wish I could have taken a better picture but it is in with all of my potted trees that need planting and the angle was a little awkward as I was straddling a small bush.

Gotta laugh about one of the updates I did today.  At Mother Hen's Recipes you'll see I went a little crazy with the various pickled eggs recipes.  LOL.  There is a sane reason I promise.  A friend who has a small flock of fowl lost one of her main customers for her organic eggs and though she's since picked up several small customers to replace the big one she still wound up with a huge surplus of eggs.  Well her daughter's wedding is next weekend and the wedding dress she bought a couple of months back now unexpectedly needed some alteration.  My eighteen year old daughter and I knocked it out in no time flat and as a result we were gifted with many dozens of eggs.  Yippeeeeee.  Nothing like doing a good deed and suddenly reaping greatly in return.

As far as today's updates go, here you go ...

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You'll see I don't have Enduring or Georgie up yet.  I'm going to work on them before I go to bed.  With luck at least one of them will be up before morning assuming blogger behaves.

Now for the videos.  Doing all the yard work and clearing some overgrown places had me fixing some additions for a "wild" salad.  Basically I foraged some dollar weed and some itty bitty dandelions plus a few flowers here and there to toss in with the domesticated looseleaf lettuce that I grow in containers on the lanai.  I decided a good foraging refresher was in order so I looked up dandelions on youtube and thought I would share.



  1. Love the name of your dog! Its wonderful how by not shooting the dog, you are going to end up with blueberries. A fair exchange... Best, Lake Lili

  2. Dandelion is one of the first jellies I'm going to try! thanks for posting it.