Saturday, August 16, 2014

Today's Update - 16 Aug 2014

Tree cutters got rained out.  Figures.  Well at least it gave me time to do my updates during the day instead of when I'm about to do a face plant in my keyboard at night.  But it is going to be a quickie as I'm doing some other organizing.  Pulling out the tubs of personal hygiene stuff and getting them better organized and re-inventoried.  Amazing how fast that stuff gets used ... and how often people forget to jot it down on the handy-dandy tablet I keep in plain view for just that purpose.
Anywho, here are the updates ...
Zombies Aren't Real ... Are They?! 

Up On Hartford Ridge


Larkspur in Eden

There Is No Such Thing As A Thornless Garden

Enduring On The Lake

When All Doors Close

Eidetic Sunshine

Life Is A Fractured Fairytale

Today's videos are on making meatless "sausage."  As you watch, you'll see each one uses basically the same ingredients and basically the same method; however, there are enough minor differences that it is worth watching all of videos.  One of the questions I had is why some of the cooks used so many different pans.  Forget that, it would drive me crazy.  When I did it what I did was to use my largest and deepest cooking skillet that had a lid.  I fried the patties the first time and then instead of moving them to a different pot to cook them in the beef stock/bouillon I poured my stock into the large skillet and then put the lid on and simmered them that way.  Any broth that remained after the simmering process I then poured off and saved to make soup with (or something like that) and then did the second browning, again in the same skillet.  Clean up was easier since the broth loosened any of the "glazing" in the bottom of the pan from browning the patties the first time.   But everyone has a different way of doing things so watch the videos and tweak it to your personal satisfaction.
One of the other things that I did differently is that instead of so much salt I used a salt substitute called "Mrs. Dash" because of my father's health condition.  I didn't notice a real discernable difference.  I also turned down the heat a bit by backing out some of the peppers.  Black pepper I left as is, got rid of the cayenne, and then played with the amounts of the other ingredients some of the cooks used.  I like a hot Italian sausage but I like my breakfast sausage mild and then let people doctor it at the table with whatever sauce I have on hand.



  1. I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for working on this project! I just about wet my pants when you said you planned on giving a real end for Sissy in MJOTZY. I know this is a BIG JOB, and you are a wonderful lady for taking it upon yourself to share it with us all. If you ever need some editing help (I always seem to catch all those little grammatical errors) you could always farm it out to one of us die hard fans. *wink wink nudge* =D

  2. I love the vids you have been sharing. I haven't watched them all yet, but really enjoyed the ones on wild breads. How do you keep so organized> Seriously.. I need a maid or helper organizer person or something. My home looks normal and fine, but my prep room.. no way I can find anything. !!

  3. Thanks for the updates, and I have to try the sausage recipes! Keep up the writing, love the stores. God bless~

  4. I have got to say THANK YOU for the video's and all the story updates~can't figure out how you do all this! I have a hard time canning up some tomatoes and a batch of applesauce in one day, let alone clean, direct traffic, do paperwork, you get done! Where in the world do you ever get all that energy from??? I gotta know LOL. But thanks again Kathy, you're a jem!