Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Today's Update - 29 Oct 2014

I see some of you have already seen the additions that I've made to some of the stories.  I'm getting back up to speed slowly but surely.  I also appreciate all of the feedback I have gotten.  As you've seen from today's entries, not every chapter will have footnotes or additional pictures; they aren't always needed.  I'll add them in where I think they'll help and not go overboard with them.

Today's Updates Include:

Up On Hartford Ridge

Zombies Aren't Real ... Are They?!

When All Doors Close

A Bunch of Wild Thyme

I'm going to try and add another story back in every couple of days.  With the holidays approaching my time management skills will get stretched to the max but I think we are all in that boat.

Today I continued several projects that need to be completed but are the type that linger and just when you think you have them finished they need to be done again.  I have two library areas ... one at our BOL and one at our full time residence.  Neither one is what you would call a mess but after inventorying and reorganizing our DVDs it makes me itch to get the same thing done with our books and magazines.  Today I realized I really didn't need all of the magazines that I have because I usually only bought them for some of their contents.  Well what I'm going to do is scan the parts of the magazines that I want to keep and I'll then donate the magazines to a local charity.  Eventually I'll print out the scans and get them organized into three-ring binders.

The other ongoing project is I need to reorganize and expand my recipe card files.  I have ... well, to be honest I have hundreds, maybe even a couple of thousand, of recipes on index cards.  I started my collection back in middle school when I was in Girl Scouts.  My mother and other family members - including a couple of recipes that I cherish from my uncle - have given me plenty over the years as well.  I need to get the index boxes organized better.  It makes no sense to have such a wonderful resource if I can't locate what I'm looking for.

Here's a random bit of flotsam to add to your head ... chrysanthemums are good for more than just looking at.  Huh.  I'm not kidding.  Chrysanthemum tea.  Chrysanthemum jelly.  Chrysanthemum petals in salad.  You can even make wine with the petals.  I'm sure there is even more but that's as far as I got with it.  LOL.  And no I don't know why my brain takes detours like this, just my dad apparently bought my mother a really pretty pot of dwarf chrysanthemums and she called to oooo and aaaahhhhh about them and it started me thinking. 

No videos tonight.  My youtube connection is being contrary.  I'll try and start that back up on my next update.  I also have plans to make a video for some of the stuff I cook and make around the holidays.  I want to get at least one made on traditional garbanzo bean soup.



  1. I'm so glad you're back! I'm almost emotional. Lol.
    -Bre in OK

  2. As long as you keep posting, I'm happy with whichever way you do it!!! Thank you for sharing your stories.
    Lynn in AK

  3. Kathy both formats are great, this is your blog please use the one you enjoy most. I will read your story's any way you want to post them. Thanks for your time and for sharing your gift of story telling and teaching with us.

  4. Wonderful stories, as always, Kathy! Thanks for sharing them with us!


  5. Loving Up on Hartford Ridge and A Bunch of Wild Thyme!

  6. Chrysanthemums (Mums for short) have naturally occuring pyrithium, an insecticide. With some breeds it's very minute, in others stronger. Small children and animals should never eat Mums or tea made from it, especially the older leaves.