Sunday, November 2, 2014

Today's Update. - 2 Nov 2014

Darth Molly running full tilt.  If her ears were flapping
any more she would need clearance to land.

Don't laugh. I fell in the pond. Not our pond but a friend's. I was in the middle of my daily trek of errands when I got a call. "Better hurry. We only have 2 hours before the road crew sprays the pond with Aquaherbicide."

"What?!"  I actually pulled over I was so frazzled and trying to decipher what my friend had just told me.

"They aren't spraying our side but Mr. XXX has given the road repair crew permission to spray his side where it runs into the drainage canal."

Blah, blippity, blah.

So basically what I find out was that the pond where I get the majority of my cat tails is about to be contaminated. Grrrr.  Rubber baby buggy bumpers.  I stop what I'm doing, a pain in and of itself as I'm running behind, and take off to my friends house.  But I was ill prepared.  No galoshes, no waders, nothing but the latex gloves, clippers. and trowel I always keep in my van for unexpected foraging opportunities (like the bamboo sprouts I dug out at one of our rental units after the landscape crew finally cleaned out the back corner of the lot).  Still, everything starts to go smoothly. We're even having fun.  I have almost a bushel of beautiful cattails to take home and process. Then disaster strikes.  

If anybody has ever been around a pond they know that where the water meets the land there is always some algae or other slimy junk growing.  In this case there was a lot of slimy junk growing. And I found a really nice place to skid.  I almost catch my balance. Almost.  But here is where I failed to give one very pertinent piece of information.  I had Darth Molly with me.

The lunatic dog thought I was playing a game and thought she would help by grabbing the cattails that I was using to keep my balance with.  I was after all swinging them around like pom poms in the hopes they would act like wings and give me enough lift to keep my ... er ... buggy bumper ... out of the mud.  Obviously too much temptation or my guardian angel thought I was due some pay back or something.   

So I no longer have my balance and not only did I go down I went under.  As in I came up covered in muck, duck weed, a frog under my shirt collar and a little soft shell turtle in my pocket.  And every time I try to get out Darth Molly thinks I wanted to go back in. No, I did not.  

Yes, now you can laugh. I was quite a sight that's for sure.  I even laughed ... eventually ... after I divested myself of the other frog that got caught up in my hair.  Nasty.

I would have kept on laughing if it hadn't been for the fact that when I get home to take a shower all the hot water was gone.  I didn't think a lot of it at the time. It is just one of those things you deal with when you have a large family ... someone has to be low man on the totem pole and this time it just happened to be me. The problem is that by the next day I experienced a relapse of a cold that I had had. So that is my excuse for missing two days of updates. 

Seriously, you can laugh. I did as soon as my sinuses unclogged and I wasn't in danger of choking. And since Molly had to take a cold shower too when she got home I figure fair is fair.  It took both of us most of the day to get rid of the last of the duck weed from our ears.

In the meantime I have managed to get some updates completed. You'll see that the one I added today is one of the ones that I had to drop off for a while because I got too busy. Winx is a pretty cool character but she's a little hard to keep up with as she tends to run in all different directions in my head.  Which is pretty much the way everything has been running lately so she was right at home.

Here are today's updates:

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For the rest of what I've been doing?  I don't know about you all but I am enjoying the lower gas prices. It is allowing me to refill all the fuel cans that we have used all summer along on landscaping equipment and other stuff.  I paid $2.82 per gallon today and that was before the discount I had from using my points from Winn-Dixie (local grocery store).  With my points I got 20 gallons for about seven cents per gallon.  Not too shabby.

My other frugal tip is that all of the holloween candy is on 50% off sale, but you better hop to it they are going fast from what I can tell.  The chocolates I will use by freezing them and then crushing them to be used in my Christmas cookies. Or I'll use them in hot chocolate.  I can use the hard candies the same way.  And when you're melting marshmallows it doesn't matter what shape they are so even the fall shaped and colored ones work when you're baking them on top of your Thanksgiving sweet potato casserole.  It may seem like pennies in difference but I have learned that the penny you don't spend today is the penny you will have when you need it. 

Speaking of sweet potatoes I need to keep an eye out for when they come on sale. I need to pick up a bunch of them - a couple of bushels anyway - so that I can can them and also so that I can make sweet potato butter. I also plan on making a bunch of sweet potato pies and freezing them this year. Before I forget there is something else that I've saved money on. Several fruit stands in stores are selling their pumpkins at a discounted price. So I have been picking up a lot of them - even the local Walgreens have some for about two dollars a piece - but boy is that going to leave me with a lot of work to do in a short period of time. But you do what you have to do.  Make hay while the sun shines.  Early bird catches the worm.  Yada, yada.

Just two videos today, both on sweet potatoes.  I included the direct links for those that can't see the embedded videos.  Enjoy!



  1. I'm glad it's warmer there, burrr and ack.

  2. Psoriasis Question, I make and sell medicinal salves and creams. I have someone who has Psoriasis and I have tried all my salves on him to no avail. Do you know anything homemade that I can try ?

    1. Don't have psoriasis but I do have a mild exzema that is hormonally and stress triggered. My personal treatment of choice is the Gold Bond brand specially medicated for those two issues. However, I did have a friend that made me a salve last year that had neem in it. I had to keep it in the frig because it didn't have a very long shelf life. I think the other big thing in it wasa lanolin. I know some people also like to add coconut oil but I have a sensitivity to coconut and some of the other stuff that people think smells great but wants to gag me. I have to be careful with stuff that has a very strong vanilla scent to it as well. And that is a royal pain because hubby and sons love the smell of vanilla. Anyway, that's all I have for you from personal experience. I feel for the person that's for sure. My condition was so insanity inducing because of the itching when I was in my late 20s and early 30s that I used to use wash the area with unscented soft soap and then pat it try and put Crisco on the places and then cover with gauze. You'll do the craziest thing to get relief.

  3. Our little grand girl has eczema also, good tips. The Vaseline oil seems to work well for her after a bath.
    Trying to wait on your stories, some days its harder then others lol.

  4. Im so sorry , I did laugh out loud! I hope that doesn't make me a bad person but the visual made me lose it and I hardly ever laugh lol. I hope you didn't catch a chill or anything. Thankyou for that laugh. Your life is so hilarious sometimes!!

  5. Did you google account get hacked again ?

  6. I fell in a pond full of tadpoles once. I didn't find it funny at the time what with tiny tadpoles in the ears and such. Nor did I find it funny when I stepped IN a cow. The cow was dead. Looooong dead. Hidden in a ditch full of tall weeds, it was rather like stepping onto a layer of crackers, all crispy and crackly.

    These years later both incidences are rather funny. The people who invented blogs weren't even born yet so it couldn't make the net. Too bad. It could have made a good story. LOL