Thursday, November 27, 2014


Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours.  Computer is now home and I was blessed that all my files are intact.  I will start updating on Monday.  Having 14 people over for the Thanksgiving meal today and family in for the weekend.  Sunday to recuperate and awaaaayyyyyy we go.  LOL!

Youngest son begged to get up and help me cook this morning and the little fella is helping me with Bisquick Balls as I type this.  Put the twenty-three pound turkey in a 6 am, a fifteen pound ham in the roster at the same time, boiling ten pounds of potatoes, frying and baking at least that in sweet potatoes, a half-bushel of green beans ... and on and one.  I will post pictures later for any that are interested.  It will be a table-full.

I hope and pray that all who read this are as blessed as I am today.  May God watch over you and keep you and remember:

Blessings that are lightly regarded are easily discarded and lost.

A thankful heart will quench an entitled mind every time.


  1. Sound delightful! Have a blessed day ��

  2. It is great to hear form you Kathy, I pray you and your have a Blessed and Joyous Thanksgiving.

  3. You and yours have a wonderful day, we had the turkey cooking at mid night. 38 pounder. We are taking it down to a sons house and everyone is coming there. We also fixed the deviled eggs and two cream pies. Nice to not have to do it all any more.

  4. All the best from Australia. Would love to hear all about it....with pics of course.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving!!
    Lynn in AK

  6. Happy Thanksgiving! So enjoy your stories :)

  7. Would love to see the photos.
    Hope youhad a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  8. I always host Thanksgiving and had 27 people this year. Isn't it fun having everyone at your house? I have my guests, family or friends, bring a side dish or two, drinks, desserts. I provide the meats and location. It always turns out great and we all get to try dishes we may have never thought of to make ourselves. Lots of fun and conversation. Hope yours was just as wonderful. By the way I love the pictures is the stories it gives me an idea of what you are thinking. Love all your stories. Thanks Kathy