Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Today's Update - 28 Oct 2014

Dried Watermelon

First off I want to thank everyone for their patience.  It took a lot more time for me to unscramble what occurred than I expected it to.  Basically, after trying to edit the drafts that I had put together I finally just decided yesterday to scrap them and start over.  That doesn't mean that I've lost the story, it just means that I have to cut and paste each edition all over again and then format it for BlogSpot. 

And I've got a favor to ask of the readers.  The only blog that I'm working on today - more to prevent giving myself an ulcer than anything else to be honest - is Up On Hartford Ridge.  You'll see something slightly different.  I've added more pictures and then I've added footnotes.  Would you all be kind enough to let me know if that is distracting and you'd prefer just to have the story or do you find the other stuff interesting and/or useful?  You aren't going to hurt my feelings either way, I know the difference between a critique and criticism.  I just thought I would give you all some input.

As I post this I have chapters 51 and 52 posted in the "new" format.  I'm going to try and get a couple more posted later.  Just let me know what you think.  You can post it here or on that blog.  Either would be very helpful.

Up On Hartford Ridge

As for what else has been going on, a local private high school got closed down for a couple of days after their homecoming because a virus - an apparently very contagious one - started going around and they decided it was better for the student body and the teachers to try and break the cycle and also to disinfect the school.  Well, my youngest daughter is friends with several kids that attend that school and had been helping a couple of them with their hair the day of homecoming.  Yep, the inevitable happened and she got sick too ... as did two of her siblings and my husband.  Oldest son and I did not.  Fun times.

What made it more all sorts of fun (/sarcasm) is the first person started exhibiting symptoms when we went to check on our BOL which is also when I discovered I couldn't access any of my google stuff.  In the process of addressing those issues I also discovered lots of holes in the supplies that I keep up there, including the fact that our important paper file archive was out of date.  Grrrr.  Well lesson learned, everyone is now well, and the holes have been filled, scanned archives updated, yada, yada.  Such is life.  I'd rather learn the lesson now when it can be addressed than during a situation where I can do nothing about it.

Sorry that this update is short but things will get better starting tomorrow.  I just didn't want to put off things another day.  If I keep trying to wait until things are "perfect" I'll never start.


  1. I like the new format, it is useful. But if it takes too long and means fewer story updates, then I'd rather have the old style


    1. It actually doesn't take that much longer. I generally do a lot of research for each story and basically the footnotes would be how I would share some of the research that I do to make sure that the story and directions are authentic.

  2. I wondered if things were a bigger mess then first thought. Not fun. Glad you found the holes now and your loved ones are well again.
    Thank you for all your hard work.

  3. I like the new format too, but I'm with W.

  4. Pics within the story are distracting, but I love!!! the footnotes. You're a fount of knowledge and I love learning from your stories; footnotes help with that.

  5. I was going to say exactly what 'W' said.

    Thanks for all you do. I so love reading your stories, and one of the things I like so much about them are the things I learn and want to try. I'm so sorry you've had a rough time of it lately.

  6. I love it. Maybe I'm like a little kid and like lots of pictures with my story. And I like the footnote sources for the recipes. It was a distraction for me when you put the recipe right in as part of the story since some things I already know how to make, and some things I have no plans to make (some of your wild finds don't grow here so why know how to cook fiddleheads or such.)

  7. I love the pics and the footnotes, makes the story even more interesting to me. Thank you Kathy, through you I have learned so much !

  8. I agree with W. I will use the tools and info you are sharing. I am really enjoying the Hartford story.

    This is the first time I am writing to you. I have wanted to say "Thank you" for all the hundreds of hours of entertainment you have given me. I found MJOTZY when I was laid up with two broken ankles. I read that you had lost your inspiration for the MJOTZY. I love and adore the characters you created. Sissy's voice is so authentic and real. I truly hope I and your die hard fans will get to read a real ending to that story. Sissy deserves that. God bless you and thank you for all the info you are spreading thru your stories. I know my perspective regarding self reliance has been shaped by the characters you create.

  9. Love the links at the end of the chapters!! When I worked nights (and it was slow, and I had a hard time staying awake), I would read your stories and hand copy the recipes I wanted. I love that I can now just go to the link and print it!! (Face it, I"m lazy!) Sorry for your recent troubles; take care of your family and stay safe above all. I really appreciate your hard work and wonderful tales.

  10. I love the footnotes! I do like the pics at the beginning of the chapters, but they are a little distracting in the middle. Thanks for ll the new ones too. Hope everything gets cleared up soon for you :)

  11. I love having the pictures and the footnotes. The pictures help me to understand and appreciate what I am reading about especially since I am in Australia and somethings are completely new to me or I have heard about them but never seen them. I like them through the story but am happy to have them with the footnotes. Love the footnotes. They are my go to when I just want to chill/revive for a little while but still look at interesting topics. I have learned so much and remembered so much through your characters and their stories: each feels like an old friend. There is nothing else quite like it out there on the net. Thank you for that. I am glad you used Hartford Ridge: I find myself always going to that story first when faced with a choice. Happy to have chapters come through en mass or one at a time. Grateful for whatever you can manage. Hope your life settles down for a little while. It never rains but it pores. Mmmmm must get onto my paperwork too. Thanks for the reminder.