Saturday, July 26, 2014

Today's Updates - 26 Jul 2014

The following blogs have been updated with additions.  Tomorrow's additions might be kind of slim and if they are I may just save them until Monday to post.  I have an unbelievable amount of yard work to do tomorrow - planting some fruit trees and clearing some fence rows no to mention getting the two daughters still living at home off on a service trip at five in the AM ... yes, that is five in the morning.  Ugh. 
My husband thinks it might also be nice if we actually spend some time together doing something other than working.  LOL.  I like the sound of that so after yard work comes grilling some burgers for the guys and myself ... two sons are staying home ... and then looking forward to some down time.  Hope we get it and the business phone stays quiet.  When you sit at the desk where the buck stops you either answer the phone or the bucks might stop coming to your desk if you know what I mean.
Oh, I am also trying to incorporate some suggestions that have come my way via the comments section.  Mostly it has to do with font colors and size.  Hope this is helping with readability.  Anyway ... here are today's additions.
Zombies Aren't Real ... Are They?!
Enduring on the Lake

There's No Such Thing As A Thornless Garden

Fractured Fairytale


Eidetic Sunshine 

Up On Hartford Ridge


Larkspur in Eden  

My plan is to continue adding recipes to Mother Hen's Recipe blog to the tune of at least ten per day.  On some days I may not make it to ten and on other days I'm sure that I'll post a few more than that.  None of the recipes are spectacularly interesting right now but they are just what is coming out of the hat as I pick index cards up. 

Now, last but not least, some of you may have seen a section on the right sidebar of this blog titled More Good Reads.  I have links to other people's stories in this section and I know that there are other writers out there who might like a helloooooooo sent out to their own stories.  Well I don't mind sharing a link to someone's story or writer's blog/forum so if you would like to see it posted or you have a story blog to suggest just shoot me a comment and I'll try and add it within a day or two.



  1. oh definitely take the time to snoogle with your honey!!! I know I can wait until monday for moar :)

    Thank you for all these updates... now I'm off to do some reading and I may get to bed by 3am! thanks!

  2. I am just so happy about all these stories I could bust!