Monday, July 28, 2014

Today's Update - 28 July 2014

Whew boy!  Yesterday and today have been quite productive ... just not as productive in the writing area as I had hoped.  Now don't get me wrong, I've got food for the moar zombies, just didn't get as ahead as I had hoped to get.

Why wasn't I generating more feed?  I'm glad you ask.  ROFL!  Basically I was working my tail feathers off in the yard.  Our fence rows had gotten pretty overgrown in places.  Along the sides they are traditional farm fence which has gotten intertwined with saw briars, wild potato vines, scrub oak seedlings, wild and out of control lantana, schefflera, and a bunch of other trash that would eventually pull it over.  Our neighbor on one side loves the "wild look" and that's fine on his side but on ours it is problematic and interfering with my edible landscape plans.  So prune, mow, DR, saws-all, hoe, DR, etc. all got a work out.  To clean things up I also had to take out some sugar cane and Spanish bayonet, and hubby got a little over eager and took out a hedge of tropical flowers and part of a variegated hibiscus but I've stopped complaining ... at least where other people can here me that is.  Free, captive labor is too good to pass up and there's nothing like two men (hubby and adult son) and a little man (our youngest son) to make a woman's landscape desires a reality.

OK ... obviously I need to vent some of my creativity on the 'puter or I really will run off my captive helpers.  LOL!  Aside from the fence we cleaned out around about a quarter of the pond then gave up.  That's going to require some professional help unless we wait until winter which is what we may do if I can't find a defoliant that actually works and doesn't at the same time kill everything in the pond and swamp and nearby plants like bananas and plantains.  I also got planted my variegated lemon (fruits look waaay funny), another guava, and another carambola (aka star fruit).  I have roughly a dozen or so more trees to plant including a Surinam cherry, a papaya, a new mango, and a mulberry as well as a bunch of citrus and fruiting tropical plants.  It is just too freaking hot though; it is only going down to 80 degrees tonight and the bugs just about want to carry you off and bleed you dry.  With all the mosquito born illnesses around these days I play it safe as much as possible but when you back up to a swamp ... kinda hard.

Missing my girls but they'll be back in a week.  It is weird being the only female in the house ... except for the dog.  Darth Molly.  Around 80 pounds of pure puppy.  I currently sport an odd, paw-shaped bruise on the top of my foot and another of the same shape on my shoulder.  There was a butterfly flying around my head and I suppose Molly thought it was simply faster to use my body as an express highway than it was to wait on the flying demon that was out to do harm to her family to come closer to the ground.  Ever been climbed by a black lab?  Interesting experience.  She almost made it.  Would have if I hadn't gone face first into the tarp full of compost.  Now my neighbors all know why I call that sweet, friendly, adorable, excitable sweet pea ... Darth, Dog of Death.  Oh well ... at least people got a good laugh out of it and I didn't have to do the dishes after dinner.  Good trade off ... could have done without the compost in bodily crevices but you can't have everything.

Now back to what everyone has been waiting on ... today's story additions:

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  1. Your daily story comments had me chuckling. I too know what it is like to be used as a launch pad by a black labrador but thankfully I haven't gone head first into a compost pile. I can manage that on my own quite well. I am in Tasmania, Australia so am mostly unfamiliar with your local flora and fauna ... excepting that our gators in northern AUS are rather larger than yours. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all of your stories that I can find. I only discovered you a couple of weeks ago. I appreciate your fine storylines and believable characters. Their adventures make a wonderful 'Post Fall' alternative to the 'big gun' scenarios I usually find. Thank you so much for sharing your talents. Reading them gives me enormous pleasure and I have picked up lots of interesting titbits and information.

  2. Well I can relate to the yard. I gave up a few years ago and now we have .. grass... Every time I tried to plants something, get something beautiful going the weed whacker came out. Sometimes it took a year until dh forgot it was something special, but if it wasn't in a pot or a raised bed it was fair game and died died died. Now for some reason every kind of wildlife around thinks my place is garden of eden. I have two wild bunnies that run around. Have no idea where they came from, but they eat from our hands now (and take a healthy portion of my garden), my chooks made their dust baths in my rhubarb and I just gave it to them finally. Why fight the inevitable? And the deer are now walking through the yard with no fear. Im sending my daughter to visit montana at end of August and dreading it!! No other girls? The house will have less sparkle and thats for sure! Hope Darth settles.. I have one called Java that could be Darths sister . Life is always interesting, and I love hearing about yours. Thanks for the stories! They make me happy :)