Thursday, July 31, 2014

Today's Sorta Kinda Update ... 31 Jul 2014

Well, my life has been all sorts of productive even without the girls around to help.  Still have a ton of stuff that needs to be finished up but I'll get to it when I get to it.  What that has meant is that I haven't gotten the new story additions up.  I'll have them up later tonight and will include them with tomorrow's update.

Mostly typing is painful.  I got bit by a spider - regular ol' spider, not poisonous - and I'm a little sensitive to the bites.  It happened when I was doing some yard work day before yesterday and it is on the inside of my left forearm.  Started out itching like crazy but is now basically just a knot on my arm that is making the muscles in there really sore.  I put a tobacco poultice on it as soon as I noticed so it isn't as bad as it could have been for which I am thankful.  Usually spiders make me a little ill and feverish, same as getting into too many fire ants.

What is that?  Excuse number eleventy-dozen and forty-two?  LOL.  I will get some up tonight, just moving on the slow side.

I did find an interesting link doing some story research that I'd like to pass along.  I was looking for fresh sausage recipes and came across from the website "Hunter Angler Gardener Cook".  Y'all have got to check out some of the recipes there; the pictures alone are worth a peek.

Lastly for tonight I thought I would pass along a video I found while doing some other research for a story.  This is how to make acorn oil:

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