Thursday, July 24, 2014

Today's Update

Pretty big update list today.  Lots of housekeeping going on through all of the blogs.  I hadn't realized how badly some of the blogs needed it.  I won't list all of what I've done because there is still lots left to do. Mostly it is adding blogs and links in the side bars and making the blogs more attractive and readable.
Now for the story updates ...
Life Is A Fractured Fairy Tale is up and the Prologue and Chapter 1 are available.
The story called Georgie is under construction.  This is a dystopian story set in the relative near-furture.  Georgie is the main character and has severe APD.
Eidetic Sunshine is the story of Daniella ... most people call her Danny.  The blog needs some work so is technically under construction but Chapter 1 is available for those interested.
Up On Hartford Ridge is the story of Kay-Lee.  She's never had it easy but the end of the world might just be her chance at a better life.  There's just some bumps in the road to get over first.  Chapters 1 and 2 are available. 
 Teaghan is another dystopian story of the near-future.  Chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 are now up.  Some of you may have read a draft of this story some years ago but the site that used to house it is not longer available so I'm reposting it on BlogSpot after editing it.

Linderhall Legacy is up-to-date and all 92 chapters are now available in one location.  Look here for when I announce that the last chapters have posted to complete the story. 

 Zombies Aren't Real ... Are They?! now has its own blog.  I had not realized how many typos and grammatical errors there were in the original post of the story.  Ugh.  There are also almost 150 chapters to date.  Double ugh.  I will get them up as fast as possible but it is, for obvious reasons, going to take some time.  Currently parts 1 through 16 are available.

Larkspur in Eden is another one that needs some editing as it is posted.  Chapter 1 has been edited and up at 

There Is No Such Thing As A Thornless Garden is another new story for most readers.  This one is a little different from my other stories so while for the most part still passes for YA fiction it does cover some very mature themes.  The story came to me during some work with our local homeless board on child trafficking.  The prologue is up.

 Enduring on the Lake is another story getting a facelift.  Structurally the blog is still under construction but Chapter 1 is ready for reading for those interested.

As always, you'll find the days' updates and announcements here at Mother Hen's Story Time Blogg.  Every day won't have this many additions but baring some kind of chaotic craziness going on in my life - or travel time - I hope to have one or two for you each day.  So subscribe to this blog so you don't have to hunt through each story to find out what is new.

And thanks for the great comments and suggestions I am getting.  Much appreciated.

Now last but not least I have finally started to add the various recipes that appear in my stories to Mother Hen's Recipes at  It is going to take me a month of Sundays to catch up but that's what spare time is for right?  LOL.  If you are just dying for a particular recipe and you can't find it, shoot me a comment and I'll be sure and bump that recipe to the top of the pile that I am posting.

See you tomorrow!


  1. Thanks for all the updates and new stories!

  2. Hey Kathy, nice to see you still posting.

  3. Hello Kathy great to see you working on your story's. I pray all is well with you and yours.

  4. Great 1st chapter Kathy, looking forward to more

  5. Fantastisc but now I have new stories to read.



  6. So happy to find this linked by Mysty. You are missed... happy to have more stories to read! God bless. Stay safe and healthy.

  7. Just glad to see stories being updated and that you're doing okay!

  8. What a treat, what a treat, what a treat! Thanks Kathy.

  9. Wonderful as always :) Thanks!