Thursday, February 26, 2015

Today's Update - 26 Feb 2015

Oh my aching wallet.  Started the restocking today and good gravy Miss Daisy, my poor wallet almost needed CPR after the shock it had.  Normally I can pinch Ol' Copper Abe until he cries for mercy but it was me who was crying for mercy first this time.  I bought a case of tuna fish - I like how all those little cans stack up on my pantry shelves - and was not a happy camper when I found they cost 89 cents each.  Definitely going to have to keep my eyes open for a sale and some coupons.  That's not all I bought that but had the biggest sticker shock since it had been so long since I'd bought any. 

And just to give myself another ulcer I looked in my hygiene product stash.  Yep.  The kids doth strike again.  Even the toothpaste was running low but that's ok because I had a new project that I wanted to try.  I've made homemade toothpowder in the past but the enamel on my teeth is a little soft after a childhood all jacked up on antibiotics and other medications so I have to be careful of how abrasive some of the homemade recipes can be.  What will polish one person's teeth will sandblast mine.  So I decided to try the coconut oil toothpaste recipe that I spotted on Honeyville Farm's blog.

Coconut Oil Toothpaste

I'm not a huge fan of coconut.  In fact more than just a little bit will turn my stomach inside out.  I'm not exactly allergic to the stuff but I am sensitive to it.  I can taste coconut in things that most people can't tell it is there so I went into the whole process armed against the possibility that I wouldn't be able to stand the stuff.

Well, it is a very simple process as you can see by the link I posted above.  And five out of six positive votes isn't anything to sneeze at.  But it was too much coconut for me.  I could even taste it beneath the generous addition of mint extract.  Hubby really liked it so I'll probably keep making it for him at the very least and then tomorrow make a run to the dollar store for a couple of dozen tubes of commercial brand toothpaste to refill that hole.

Didn't get much else accomplished today besides that, the shopping, and some business tasks.  Tomorrow, assuming the weather cooperates, we start putting the first coat of sealer on the driveway pavers.  The reason why we are opting for the extra expense is because I don't want to spend the remainder of my life picking all the grass and weeds that might want to grow up between the pavers.  After we seal the driveway we will move on to re-sanding and then sealing the lanai.  That's going to be a real project right there as well.  Wish we would have done it when we put it in ... but saving a penny back then is costing us two today so you live and learn.  We won't make that mistake again.

Geogie is posted up to Chapter 10 thus far.  I will be posting at least one more chapter tonight assuming no catastrophes happen that I need to address. 


Today's two vids are about strawberries.  Yep, while it snows, sleets, and does lots of other nasty stuff up north, this is the time of year for strawberries here in my area of Florida.  In fact, the Strawberry Festival had its opening day today out in Plant City.  Every year they introduce some weird, new way to defile strawberries.  LOL.  And this year one of the new food offerings is called a Strawberry Jam Burger where you have a burger topped with strawberry jam and a couple of other things that I don't know that I could stomach.  Can't be any worse than the Peanut Brittle Burger I read about.  [shudder]

First up is dehydrating strawberries, pretty straight forward and useful.

Strawberry Syrup which can be used multiple ways, including making your own fresh soda with.  It is also great for making strawberry lemonade which is a real favorite of mine.

I know I kind of moved along fast in today's blog but I still have groceries to put away, laundry to fold, and hopefully another chapter to get posted.  Darth Molly's nails also need some attention or she is going start taking my skin off.  So enjoy and I'll see you tomorrow!


  1. Lucky you if you can find Tuna for 89 cents a can, I haven't seen that in a year or more here. Thank you for all your good recipes and etc.

  2. Chapter 11 of Georgie posted as promised.

  3. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :) Thank you.