Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Today's Update - 25 Feb 2015

This has to be as bad as trying to kick drinking coffee or smoking cigs.  What is "this" you ask?  After far too many years I am trying to finally and completely kick drinking soda.  Oh my aching head.  I picked a lousy time to try and get healthy but I don't know if there is ever a "good" time to try and kick a bad habit ... of course there's never a bad time to do it either.  Or so they say. All I know is my time is right now.  It needs to be so therefore it has been put into the life plan. 

I'm not really jonesing for a soda so much as the caffeine and sugar.  I'm definitely wanting the sun to come out so I can start making solar tea once again ... a nice chamomile or mint or lemon verbena.  Mmmmm.  That's the ticket.  If I can fool my brain into thinking it is getting its craving satisfied then hopefully the headaches will taper off sooner rather than later.  I know my teeth will certainly appreciate it.  Soda will really tear up your tooth enamel.

And I've been tearing through my To Do list.  Feeling a little more accomplished than I have but have a long road ahead of me to catch up to where I want - actually need - to be.  Tomorrow after doing some work for our business I plan to take a trip to Aldi.  That will be about all the restocking I'm going to have time for because not only do I have to bring the cans home, I have to put them away.  The putting away is what takes the most effort especially as I have to add them to the inventory as I go.

Two more chapters are up for Georgie; that takes it up to Chapter 8.  I'll try and add one or two more chapters tonight but the internet connection has been flickering in the neighborhood because the wind is really whipping.


Today's first vid is from where I am exploring some of my "alternative" cooking methods.  This one doesn't even qualify as cooking since it is from the Raw Food Diet world.  I am not fanatical one way or the other and use a multitude of cooking/un-cooking methods.  During the summer when it is so hot and humid I incorporate a lot of raw foods into our diet but I've also used this method to address power outages, etc.  Raw is also supposed to be very good for your health.  I'm moderate on it as I have to be careful of the amount of sugars in our diet since we have diabetes on both sides.  But it is also a fun technique. Now this video is a bit much to take in places.  LOL.  Very, very Californian and tough for some of us that don't have a lot of exposure to that culture so ignore what you can and absorb what it useful.  The recipe is actually delicious.  So, here is the vid for Apple Ravioli.  The only ingredients are apples (need a mandolin for thin slices), pecans, a sweetener of your choice, cinnamon, and coconut oil. 

If you are allergic to nuts I've also filled the ravioli with homemade cheese ... farmer's style as well as homemade cream cheese.  That's even richer than the pecan filling so I would make them in smaller portions.

My next video is just because I feel like it.  Who remembers The Archies?  ROFL.  Their song Sugar Sugar just hits my silly spot tonight.



  1. Hi Kathy. Glad to hear things are going better. I am reading your posts while keeping an eye on my canner full of potatoes. My daughter and I tried switchel after reading about it in "Up On Hartford Ridge". I liked it but she didn't. Love the stories.

  2. Good luck with the getting away from the soda :)
    Also thank you for telling us how you are doing.