Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Today's Update - 23 Sep 2014

Just a short note to say thank you so much for all of the comments.  They are well and truly appreciated. 

Good gravy I'm tired.  I knew I would be but I didn't realize how bad being this tired would make me feel.  My sister in law isn't a problem at all, neither is her dog.  He is a huge part wolf dog that is reaching senior-hood so having two large dogs ... one older and one still pretty much a puppy has been an exercise in teaching them both some patience.  I guess it is just all of the disruption and how nothing that I had meant to get done while hubby was out of town is actually getting done.

My sister in law is actually doing a lot better than expected.  She'll be able to return to dialysis on Thursday and will probably go to her home on Saturday barring any nasty surprises.  There wasn't any cancer though the ovaries were so polycystic that she had to have larger than expected incisions.  She now has been given a  clean bill of health if you don't count her failing remaining kidney.  Unfortunately she is now required to start over with the whole transplant process.  She has a match willing to donate, just no doctor will touch her until she is able to complete the three month process from beginning to end without any disruptions.  She was almost finished when the full-body MRI showed several issues that had to be taken care of.  As you can imagine it has been a real roller-coaster since she got on the transplant list.

She's resting at the moment and I needed to unwind so I did a little updating ...

And the Geek Shall Inherit the Earth

Zombies Aren't Real ... Are They?!

Up On Hartford Ridge

Larkspur in Eden

When All Doors Close

A Bunch of Wild Thyme

Enduring on the Lake

A couple of them have more than one addition which is good but there are some that I wanted to update that my head just hasn't been clear enough to address.  I will try and get more writing finished for this weekend but I'm going to have to take her for a doctor's appointment so it may not happen until after she goes back home.  Which is just in time for hubby to get back into town so I'm hoping by this coming Sunday or Monday to have my daily schedule back in order which should help with getting the updates back on schedule as well.

Thanks for your understanding and patience.

Below is something that has saved my life the last couple of weeks.  My kids love homemade pizza ... or pizza bread ... or pizza muffins, etc.  Well you get the picture.  But that commercially canned pizza sauce is expensive.  So I've been canning my own for several years.  Yeah, it is a little trouble up front but on the back end there is just nothing like the flavor and convenience of having your own homemade pizza sauce on hand.  And for those of you that don't or can't start from fresh tomatoes here's a tip ... use commercially canned tomato sauce.  I buy a couple of #10 cans of tomato sauce when I can find them on sale or at least for a better price than starting from scratch and then make pizza sauce, spaghetti sauce, etc. and process it that way.


  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this. I don't always post, but I do always check and enjoy reading. I'm with everyone else. I certainly don't mind waiting so be sure to take care of yourself, and just because you have an extra minute doesn't mean you have to take it to post for us. Be sure to do something just for you.

  2. Thanks for letting us know how you are all going. I can appreciate how tired you must feel. To have posts to read is beyond the call. Thank you for that. We would be grateful for one posting on one story over ages if that is all we could have so much appreciated. Don't feel pushed to do more. Be sure to take some time out for a few minutes breather. Thanks for the pizza vids. Hopeing to have my tomatoes in soon for Spring/Summer in Tassie.

  3. So glad to hear she is doing better. Looks like she still has a long row to hoe. Always so hard. Now I hope you can take a deep breath when things are back to more normal,(whatever that is lol )
    Plus thank you for all the up dates on the stories.

  4. Thanks for the update Kathy glad that your SIL is recovering form her illness and will pray that the transplant is accomplished.

  5. Its good to know you are hanging in there. So sorry you are drained. Take a nice 12 hour nap when its all over then a long bath! You remind me very much of some of your characters, busy busy busy. Maybe hubby will sit you down and make you watch a show and relaxxxxx for a bit. Be well and thanks for giving us some stories while you took some time for yourself. They are much appreciated!

  6. Well Folks, Ebola in Texas. Hows everyone else doing with this info? My son just moved out and honestly, if this spreads out of containment, I don't think I can get him to come home. Is anyone else worried about this type of thing?

  7. Kathy I buy tomato sauce in no. 10 cans and dehydrate it. A no. 10 will fit into a pint jar. I don't know why but the taste seems much more intence after you rehydrate it. We love it.