Friday, September 12, 2014

Today's Update - 12 Sep 2014

Yesterday was our oldest son's birthday.  I have got to tell you it is very different being the mother of 20-somethings.  They are young 20-somethings but still, it is a whole different world of parenting compared to the two teens I still have and the ten year old.  Not bad, just different.  In addition to his birthday we spent some time remembering 911.  I was sitting there watching the live TV when the second plane struck.  Even today, thirteen years later, it is very difficult to talk about.  Hubby wasn't home (still worked downtown back then), couldn't reach him, couldn't reach my father who is retired military, the phone lines were packed, crazy things on both the tv and radio.  And MacDill USAF Base really wasn't that far away as the crow flew.  I didn't panic but having four young children at home (at the time) it was very nerve wracking and I was never so relieved to have my father call me and let me know that hubby has already called them and was on his way home.

I guess for some of us we'll always remember where we were at on 911 like some of the older generation can remember exactly what they were doing when Kennedy was shot or when they heard about Pearl Harbor.  It is in the American psyche and is never leaving.

Today has been a different kind of day of catching up and moving forward.  Got a bunch of bananas (bad pun) on sale for 39 cents per pound.  I'll be spending some time on Saturday and Sunday processing them.  Soccer season starts tomorrow which means there goes a good chunk of my Saturday for the next three months.  We finished moving the dirt around the concrete slab and laid sod today - two pallets - and the carport is supposed to go up Monday afternoon.  Generally I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off and still have some running around to do tonight so I'll just post which stories were updated, the videos, and then get back to work.  Still hoping to finish a story this weekend so I better go get the chores done so I have a hope getting it done.


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Mother Hen's Recipes

Saw the first of the pumpkins hit the grocery store the last couple of days which means that I need to be on the look out for a cheap source for "pie pumpkins."  This is what my grandmother always called the smaller, flavorful pumpkins that she would bake and make pumpkin butter, puree, etc. with.  The larger, tougher pumpkins she generally left for jack o lanterns and things like that.

Below are some videos on canning pumpkin, making pumpkin puree, making pumpkin butter, etc.  Now the idea is generally held that you cannot can pumpkin puree because it is too thick and the temperature cannot be raised in the center of the jar to properly process it safely.  I've heard a lot of conflicting real life anecdotes for this.  Personally I do can pumpkin butter, pumpkin chutney, and I've also made a pumpkin-apple type sauce and canned it.  But I make them in jelly jar sizes, not pint or quart.  I will cube pumpkin and squash and can it that way in pints and quarts and then when I need pumpkin puree I pop open a jar and mash that up.  You'll need to research it yourself and pick what you think is right for you.


  1. Another Birthday gone bye, they grow up so fast.

    I see your working hard on everything you can. Thank you for the chapters on the stories :). Gave me a nice break after canning a couple batches of peaches and getting the grand girl to bed.

  2. I remember that day so clearly, and also when the shuttle exploded with the lady teacher on it, and day one of the first gulf war. I remember every moment of those three days. just horrible.

    I think Im going to try that pumpkin curry soup. iv never done anything with pumpkins but pie. It will be fun to try a meal type thing. Thanks for all the stories and the vids!