Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Today's Update - 28 Apr 2015

(This is my Confederate Jasmine hedge along the front of my yard.
It is just full of blooms and smells divine.)

My day has been busy but what day isn't lately?  LOL.  Today, in addition to playing catch up from Monday's work that didn't get finished I've been looking around the house trying to decide what I can do to make things less crowded for my parents.  I might have a month to prepare but it is a busy month with the school year coming to a close, the sports leagues ending for the semester, and getting ready for the kids to go away to camps.  I need to grab the help to get me through while I have it which means getting organized as soon as possible.

First on the list is the garage.  It is a garage but not really.  Mostly it is storage space for filing cabinets, school stuff, food preps and miscellaneous other stuff that is in transition from its former space to the new space where it belongs.  Nice way of saying it gets junked up on occasion and that's about the size of it right now.  It isn't bad-bad but it's usually better than it is at the moment.

Next comes deciding who is going to be switching bedrooms.  We'll probably get our middle daughter a new mattress and have my parents sleeping in there.  She can use her brother's room while he is gone for much of the summer ... he's going to be a counselor at the Winshape camps for two months.  He's my landscaper and all around mule so losing him for two months, right when things are turning so screwy, is going to be tough.  But he needs the chance to get out into the world before he is stuck in the claustrophobic demands of grad school.

I had hopes of using his bedroom as a temporary office for me but that's off the table now which means reconfiguring my workspace yet again.  I didn't pick up some wifi extenders so signal reception will be better but again, that's going to require a little bit of reconfiguring as my current desk is going multipurpose so the girls can help scan all of our old files and legal documents so I can get them on discs in case something happens to them out in the barn.

Like my jasmine in the picture above?  Sometimes I just go outside and walk along the fence line to enjoy the aroma.  Snapping turtle surprised me today and I did a funny little jig that made my neighbor and his dogs laugh.  But hey, you gotta be able to laugh when the opportunity presents itself.  Gopher tortoises are ok ... we've got one the kids have dubbed 007 ... but those snapping turtles can be downright mean and he was irritated because he had gotten turned around and lost his way and couldn't figure out where the water was.  I eventually carted him back to the pond and swamp but I did it by capturing him in a five-gallon bucket.  No way was I risking his not-so-friendly nature.

Did get some editing and writing accomplished.

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Before I forget I want to thank Lilli for her outrageously yummy sounding pie recipe.  My mouth watered just imagining it.  I've already shared it with a neighbor who has promised to try it - nephew sent her some real maple syrup he cooked off himself.  I'm promised a piece of pie as soon as she does it.
No vids tonight.  Youtube isn't cooperating.  So enjoy the rest of your evening and thank you for reading!


  1. Thank you for taking some of your precious time to write. I've been really missing your stories!

  2. I wanted to thank you last night for telling us how the day went. I was sooo tired. Take care

  3. Aack! I go out of town for two weeks with no access to a 'puter, hoping against hope to return to 14 new chapters of Hartford Ridge, and what do I find? A whole new story started while I wasn't looking. Emi on Whatsamacallit makes another story to anxiously wait for.

    Does anybody think it would help to clone our Mother Hen? Do you think four copies would do it, or do we need ten. That would get her housework done in record time, her children shuttled to all their activities, lots of assistance to her work-aholic spouse and a couple of stories finished up. Hmm... maybe we better go for 20 clones.