Thursday, January 8, 2015

Today's Update - 8 Jan 2015

This update is turning out to be a midnight one for me.  Took me longer to get all four pieces edited for publication than I had expected.  Probably still some bloopers in there so be prepared.  LOL.

What a mess I've had to deal with today.  The electric company had to come into our yard area and trim the trees away from the lines.  All thanks to our neighbor who really didn't want to have his yard messed up and who did want to have to pay a tree service.  Instead they put some pretty nasty ruts along our fence line when they said they weren't going to.  So they spent longer repairing the ruts and tamping things back in place, repairing a conduit box they ran over and shattered with their small cherry-picker, and fixing a spigot they dropped a heavy limb on, than they did actually cutting the limbs.  All because we've got a neighbor that thinks he's speshul. 

Not that he isn't sometimes a nice guy.  He's the one that gave me a few of the pineapple starts I've been lusting after since he started growing them a couple of years back.  And he can be helpful too.  Just people sometimes have their thangs and his are all environmental.  Hubby and I have learned to work around him and frankly it hasn't hurt my feelings any that I don't have to deal with chemical overspray onto my organic edible landscaping.  Still, there are just those days when him and people that are like him make me grind the enamel off my teeth.  Sounds petty but if you'd been there you'd know what I mean. 

Then there is the fact that something fell down inside our chimney and when I lit a fire in the fireplace this morning most of the smoke backed up into the house setting off all the fire alarms and stinking everything up.  Cold as heck outside first thing in the morning and I had to have the house wide open to air things out.  I managed to dig out whatever it was - looked like the wind had dumped a squirrel nest  down it with a lucky bank shot - so the chimney is now clear.  But it took me two hours to get all the soot out of my hair because I pulled a brainless wonder and forgot to cover it up with a bandana or shower cap.  Smart enough to wear goggles but that was about it.  My hair is long enough for me to sit on it though I keep it twisted up but you can imagine just how much fun I was having ... on top of it with cold water because four kids and a husband decided they all wanted hot showers first thing to start their day off.  I swear if it is the last thing I do I'm going to talk hubby around to a 100-gallon water heater.  We have an older model 80 gallon tank right now with it is hooked to a heat pump and recirculator on a timer that saves us a ton of money.  And 20 gallons doesn't seem like a lot but trust me, when you are the one that most often has to deal with a cold shower those 20 gallons sound like paradise.

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Today's vid is because we were gifted with a bag of suede work boots ... but the boots were in pretty sad shape as far as being cleaned.  I wanted to re-home some of them so I scrounged around looking for a decent way to clean them up without having to go to the expense of taking them to a cobbler.  Youtube is your friend and I figure some of you might find this informative and interesting.

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  1. I wanted to let you know I enjoy reading about how your life and the families are going.