Saturday, December 6, 2014

Today's Update - 6 Dec 2014

Busy, busy day.  Honestly don't see the days slowing down for a week or two.  Hit up a couple of estate sales and yard sales first thing this morning and I gotta say some folks think a lot more of their junk than they should.  And when I say junk I mean junk.  My advice for people is that if you are going to have a sale, make sure it is stuff that people would want to buy.  And make sure it is priced realistically.

Got another post up on "Hartford Ridge" but google started burping again.  Will try again for Monday.

I'm going to try and get my homemade liqueur recipes up at the recipe blog.  In the meantime here are some youtubes for various flavors.

Elderberry Liqueur

Liqueur Filled Chocolates

Strawberry Liqueur


  1. Yay! Another chapter! :) I don't have an account that allows me to post in the story comments, but wanted to say again how much I love your work! The stories are entertaining and educational! oh ....and the Hartfords need some rocket stoves that burn sticks and twigs :) Love my StoveTec and want a dual EcoZoom and a SilverFire oven! Santa reads these comments, right?

  2. What's with the picture on the strawberry liqueur? Is it required that we pour it over for it come out right? Will old, or does it require young and

    1. Oh geez! Eek! ROFL! It didn't look like that when I pulled the youtube. ROFL!! Now I know what my older son was asking about. I didn't get it at first. Snicker.

      The guy is one of the cooks from "men with mustaches" and sometimes they hurt my head to listen to. Think a loud adult male with ADD. They sure get wound up. But I like some of their recipes because they make them stupid simple and admit when something needs tweaking to improve it. I swear they jump around more than my ten year old does. The neat thing about this particular recipe is he made his own strawberry extract. So narly girly pic not withstanding, the recipe and directions on the youtube is legitimate. LOL

  3. That strawberry Liqueur one is above my paygrade & trouble with a capital T.