Monday, September 7, 2015

Today's Update - 7 Sep 2015

Ok I can hear you now ... she's said that before.  And it would be the truth but I'm fairly certain that I've got a handle on all of my up and coming so that I can start posting more regularly.  Initially it is going to be once or twice a week and then I'll build from there as I get ahead on the stories.  I'm almost not sure where I left off on posting some of them.

As far as an update goes, well things are getting as back to normal as they are going to be for now.  Mom and Dad have moved back home on their own and are doing fairly well as they too try and get back into their "normal" groove.  My dad has been released by his cardiologist though everyone now agrees that it is simply going to take considerably longer for him to heal than originally anticipated.  His age, concurrent health issues, as well as the unexpected ones that cropped up are inhibiting his normal progress but not halting it.  In fact, recently his glucose numbers have been better than mine.  Which leads me to my own stuff.

The metformin et al is not having quite the impact on my glucose numbers as we'd all hoped.  I've had numerous tests to make sure that something else isn't complicating matters ... thyroid, PCOS, and other blah, blah, blah ... but mostly it appears to be just plain ol' diabetes.  Sigh.  Whether I want to or not I may have to go on insulin.  If so that is going to really require hubby and I to change some of our prepping and future plans.  A couple of days ago I turned 49 and lately my getty up has gone on ahead with out the rest of me.  Could be one of the meds causing it and that's the next round of experimentation that I'm facing.  My glucose still hovers in the 140s/150s despite change of diet and extra exercise though I have been seeing some significant drops off and on including a low of 118 after I took a nap yesterday.  Usually my numbers are higher after inactivity so I wish I knew what had precipitated the drop.  I'd like to repeat it on a regular basis.  On the upside, I haven't seen numbers over 180 in quite some time, not even after a rich meal and dessert.  'Course I don't do that every day ... heck I don't do it every week.  And I only did it the once on the cruise hubby took me on for my birthday.

Carbs ... evil carbs.  Never really thought about how many carbs were hiding in my pantry, lying in wait to get me.  LOL  Boy has it been interesting to change my way of thinking about those oh so convenient preps that I've been counting on.  I'm going to need to can a lot more meat and that is not going to be cheap.  Boy are those sales going to be more and more important.  Price of gas may be coming down but I haven't seen it happening to burger yet.  Pork is taking the place of beef at the grocery store ... ground pork, pork steak, pork loin, pork roast, pork stew chunks, pork cut into stir fry strips.  Need to find good recipes for pork stew and chicken stew and see about converting them for canning.  Raw pack canned chicken is ugly but it is really, really tender so I'll probably doing a lot of that as well.

Not to hold everyone up below are the stories that I plan on updating by tonight and tomorrow.  Some of them may even have more than one chapter.

Updated Stories:

Emi on the Caloosahatchee
Zombies Aren't Real ... Are They?!
A Girl Called Jack
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Larkspur In Eden
There is No Such Thing as a Thornless Garden

If I get more stories than this added to then I'll try and give another update. 

Only one vid today and it is on making a cooking pot cozy or for freezer bag cooking.  I've made several over the years and found them very useful for rehydrating meals on the road or on the trail as well as for keeping hot food warm for say lunch when you don't have access to a microwave.

Thanks again for the grace.  I really needed this month off.  Never had a summer like the one that we've just experienced.  Sure, I've faced bad things ... worse things for that matter ... but for some reason this summer was just way over the top.